Anger management testimonials

Effects of the anger management treatment – testimonial

“I hired Stefan to obtain the tools i needed to deal with my aggression and anger.

My reaction patterns had for a long time affected my surroundings and my family.

The treatment was conducted over the phone. It took about two hours and a follow-up phone call.

During the session, I felt how I got in touch with the underlying causes of my reactions, and realized how my anger developed. With Stefan’s help and guidance my reaction patterns changed.

Even my body reacted to the impulses that Stefan induced, so I also physically felt how I could change my reactions.

I still use the tools that I was given, and those around me can confirm that a drastic positive change has occurred.

I also feel how I am calmer and better able to manage both stress and aggression.

I heartily recommend Stefan’s method! “

Peter, Malmö


Before the anger management treatment – testimonial

I had a problem with anger management and frustration regarding small tings and bigger things, had a short temper, no patience, saw only problems and no solutions, smashed things, screamed and jelled at everything and everyone. My anger was directed towards my family even though the problem often had it’s cause at work.

I were close to hitting my fiance because everything I heard were complaints about me.

Screaming children were the worst thing I knew. The children of my fiance only created problems. They never contributed and I demanded that they should do more than me, or what was expected of me.

I often directed my anger towards the children of my fiance even though they didn’t have anything to do with the problem at all.

The only way I had to get my “message” or my “will” heard was to use my temper as a tool and crush something, then I got attention.

Had about 1-2 outbursts each week when I smashed things.

I made small things to a world problem.


After the anger management treatment – testimonial

Today I’m able to disconnect from the problematic situations that arise. I feel calm and controlled. My body feels in harmony, no stress. If I get stressed I tell myself how to do, and uses the tools I learned from Stefan during the phone call.

This works “like a bullet” and I’m completely calm and controlled in stressful situations.

I have tried to induce stress and anger but this is today completely impossible. At the same time I tell myself not to be angry. I build a protecting bubble around me to stop irritation and I’m able to stop myself from coming to the stage where I get angry. I talk to myself when a problem arises; “Is this something to get angry about? What do I benefit from that?”.

I see possibilities in difficult situations, something that were completely impossible before this treatment. Before I painted a picture of something and feared the worst scenario, but that was actually something that had never happened, “I painted the devil on the wall”.

Surely I can still get annoyed, but now I talk about the problem with my fiance instead of going to the stage where I couldn’t control my feelings. Earlier in 99% of the cases I always got feelings of anger and frustration.

Marcus, Malmö


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PS. If you need to talk to a person who has gone through the treatment to get first hand information about the effects of the treatment, you can call me and get a reference. DS.

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